LobsterDAO x Klibansky NFT

LobsterDAO x Klibansky NFT

In this special collaboration, LobsterDAO, one of crypto's most valued communities, and Klibansky worked together to create an NFT drop especially for members on this community. Only 6751 NFT's have been created, of which only 3000 are swimming in the sea.


Telegram chat group

LobsterDAO (which is not technically a DAO [Decentralised Autonomous Organisation]) is a telegram chat group community which gained popularity over the years and hosts in-depth conversations between some of the most respectable -predominantly DeFi (Decentralised Finance)- figures in the crypto space. The community generates tremendous value through it's ongoing discussions and has become a breeding ground for noumerous of the most successfull crypto projects to date.

Ivan the terrible beautiful

The chat group is founded and moderated by Ivan, who is well known for his wittiness and sarcasm, however, he rules the chat group with an iron fist. Once you go out on line (meaning, too far off topic) you will be digitally screamed at, and most probably exiled (banned from the chat group). Even though the group consists for a great part of tightly knit crypto insiders, it’s open and accessible for anyone to join. But be ware, only share Alpha, read the guidelines, and stick to the rules or you might be banned.

Steak and Lobsters

Through a mutual friend Ivan and Louis, Joseph's brother, met and connected through their shared interest for crypto and prime steak. After numerous casual dinners they decided to see if their combined skills and interests could possibly produce something fun and fruitful for the community. The idea for a LobsterDAO NFT was born.

The Project: 10b57e6da0 NFT


It all started off by wanting to do something for the community, the collective that has provided invaluable knowledge and information over the years. The 10b57e6da0 NFT drop is a commemorative art event for the community in the form of NFTs. Because of this, instead of extracting value from the community by having members buy the art, they are giving to them for free.

Leet (1337) speak: find out why 10b57e6da0 is written this way.

Fair distribution

The matter on deciding who gets what and how many was a serious one. To overcome the issue of 'who gets what' we decided to keep the art hidden until everyone that was illegible to claim an artwork did so. This way nobody knew what they were getting at the time when they got it, and everyone got to see their artwork at the same time.
The second issue of 'how many does one get' has to do with the fact that some people contribute more, and more valuable information over the years than others. In that case, should they not be rewarded more than people who have contributed less?
Following the true spirit of crypto's humble origins (bitcoin) we aimed for a fair distrobution. Luckily the community consists of some very smart people that have written some software to index all the chat messages from the past and apply some math to calculate a score which would eventually lead to a number: the allocation of NFTs for a particular user. All of the before mentioned conversations and calculations have been done completely in the open, like the transparent nature of the decentralized crypto space. All information can be found on the LobsterDAO GitHub page.

The Art: generative NFTs

From Klibansky's side, this project has completely been led and produced by Louis Klibansky, Joseph's brother. So, even though Louis is an invaluable asset to Joseph's creative process, factually, this is the first collaborative art project that the brothers have done in public.

Lobster Lore

The term "lore" is borrowed from the video game world and has found it's way into the crypto space via NFT's. The lore of a game is its backstory, all the elements that complement the principal narrative. These details add depth and richness to the universe of a video game, expanding its history outside the main plot.


-to be continued-

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