Book of “Leap of Faith” exhibition published by Museum de Fundatie

Museum de Fundatie published Klibansky's Book of his exhibition "Leap of Faith"

For Klibansky's first solo exhibition "Leap of Faith" in Museum de Fundatie, the museum published a book.

On the back cover of the book

Joseph Klibansky is a Dutch artist (Cape Town, 1984). In his practice he combines playfulness, technical perfection and a deep analysis of nowadays obsessions with an ironical touch. His imagination works on the blurred boundaries where everyday life is imbued with bits and pieces of the media world. His preferred media are bronze, gold and stereolithography for the sculptural works and a mix of photography, painting and silk screening for his pictorial practice. In recent years, namely in the two major solo shows (Beautiful Tomorrow 2016 and Leap of Faith 2017) he has developed new languages that are closer to the notion of installation.

Museum de Fundatie published Klibansky's book at Uitgeverij (publisher) Waanders & De Kunst.

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