Annabel’s Mayfair London shows works by Joseph Klibansky

Annabel’s Mayfair London shows works by Joseph Klibansky

Exclusive private members club Annabe's Mayfair in London shows a curated collection sculpture by artist Joseph Klibansky.

Marking a highlight of London’s busy arts calendar this October, Maddox Gallery are pleased to announce a collaboration with prestigious member’s club Annabel’s to showcase a series of bronze sculptures by Joseph Klibansky throughout the building’s opulent rooms. The installation will be on display for members to explore from today until the 29th October, celebrating culture and creativity in the heart of London’s most iconic member’s club.


Klibansky (born in Cape Town, 1984), is an emerging artist who has exhibited internationally from LA to Venice, exploring ideas of perception, appearance and reality. Using iconographic and pop culture vernacular, Klibansky's work questions the surface value of his subject matter, exploring the bleak and melancholic through a seemingly utopian lens. His series of bronze animal works on display at Annabel’s are a playful juxtaposition between symbol and association, and include works such Big Bang (2016) which fuse technology with traditional artistic technique.


The luxurious clubhouse will invite members to discover Klibansky’s unique works outside of a gallery space for the first time. The dynamism, movement and colours of Annabel’s’ distinctive interior act as a natural habitat for Klibansky’s perfectly polished animal kingdom – with works such as Reflections of Truth and Beautiful Tomorrow complementing the opulent tropical aesthetic of the space. Guests are greeted by Klibansky’s White Universe – a gilded astronaut in a meditative pose in the reception as they arrive, and will discover six further large scape gilded works ensconced throughout the building, from Bare Hug in the lush garden room to Baby We Made It in the decorative club rooms – complementing the building’s jungle-inspired interiors.

Continuing Annabel’s legacy for celebrating creativity, fine art and opulence since its foundation in 1963 by Mark Birley, the partnership with Maddox Gallery toasts Annabel’s glamorous and creative legacy with a look to the future, presenting one of the most exciting emerging artists from Europe to their members this October.

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