Klibansky Designs extravagant Diamond Chain for Latin Megastar MALUMA

Klibansky Designs extravagant Diamond Chain for Latin Megastar MALUMA

In a special collaboration, Joseph Klibansky designs a unique diamond chain for Latin mega-star MALUMA. Even Pop legend Madonna couldn't resist taking a selfie and posting in to Instagram.

Medellin, Colombia – World star Maluma has asked Dutch artist Joseph Klibansky to design a 'Show Necklace' for his World Tour. The jewel was unveiled for the first time this weekend by Maluma on stage in front of a 52,000 people crowd in Colombia. He sang one of the songs from his new album together with pop legend Madonna, who had flown to Colombia especially for this. During this duet, Maluma also wore the newly designed jewel. Also Madonna couldn’t resist herself into taking a selfie with it on her instagram.

“Juan Luis and I have built a beautiful special friendship over the past few years with a lot of respect for each other's arts. I was extremely honored to finally see him wearing my brainchild from the on global stage, during the live stream on prime. A project that we have worked intensively on for months. Unfortunately I couldn't really be there live in Colombia because my girlfriend and I are expecting our first child any day now," said Klibansky.

The necklace and pendant are made of 18k white gold and set with 15000 diamonds. The piece was created by one of the best teams in the world in New York. There was continuous communication with the artists through videos and whatsapp messages to keep them informed about the jewel.

The piece pays tribute to his beautiful Dobermann dog named 'Buda', who is very dear to Maluma. Buda is wearing a space suit here, a recurring theme from Klibansky's oeuvre. The links of the chain are a combination of circular links with diamond encrusted bones.

A fan is said to have already bid over 2 million euros for the diamond necklace, but Maluma is keeping the necklace for himself for the time being.

Joseph Klibansky is known for his monumental sculptures and paintings, his works are collected and exhibited around the world in places such as New York, London, Paris, Dubai and China. His works are also collected by some great International celebrities such as Sergio Ramos, Daniel Ricciardo, Timbaland, Maluma, Demi Lovato, Martin Garrix, Nicky Romero, Rico Verhoeven.

Joseph Klibansky Klibansky is best known for his 13 meter high astronaut statue that stood in the middle of the pond on the Museumplein, Amsterdam and the enormous artwork that Klibansky designed for the F1 in Zandvoort.

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