K11 China solo show “Dreams of Eden” in Guangzhou

Joseph Klibansky's first solo exhibition in China at K11 Art Mall, Guangzhou "Dreams of Eden"

From December 12, 2019 through March 31, 2020, Joseph Klibansky will show his latest show titled "Dreams of Eden" at his first solo exhibition in China at the K11 Art Mall in Guangzhou.

First ever exhibition in China

Joseph Kilibansky arrives in China with his unmissable Dreams of Eden exhibition. Twenty artworks between large paintings and sculptures - with the monumental Self-portrait of a Dreamer by the talented Dutch artist will be exhibited for his first solo show in China at the K11 Kunsthalle Guangzhou.

Abour "Dreams of Eden"

With an immersive approach, the exhibition is structured on three floors with different levels of perception. The main exhibition is on the 4 th floor and it is composed by three parts. First the black Zone, Yin, an intimate space that recalls the primordial feminine energy. Then via a narrow corridor one will walk to the light, to the core of the show: the Dreams of Eden, the White Zone, Yang, a savage jungle with no colors whose dense luminosity changes the way you perceive the space surrounding. A real-life 3D garden where nature is still in its "rendering" phase, a surreal sanctuary without any colors. Right in the center of this experience room is the White Universe (2019), a new sculpture from the “Astronaut” series, on show for the first time. This secret garden is a glimpse of the future the world and technology are heading towards as integration to our modern life.

Walking through a white corridor you will reach the third level, a Pink Zone, a world whose brightness gives colors back to your sight and a sense of relief.

The exhibition continues on the 3 rd floor with an immersive tunnel experience called Caught Up in a Dream, as the famous Klibansky’s painting. On the first floor, an interactive installation welcomes all the visitors with a more playful approach.

About Joseph Klibansky

Joseph Klibansky (1984, Cape Town, South Africa) lives and works in Amsterdam. His artistic production enters the post-conceptual tradition and it is characterized by a marked aesthetic, a strong visual impact and an ironic approach to the topics of contemporary society. Since 2006, he worked with a broad spectrum of formats and techniques. Attentive to new technologies as well as manufacturing tradition, the artist collects the most common symbols of today's visual culture and reinterprets them, using precious materials and traditional techniques combined with the most modern technologies.

Special thanks

Joseph Klibansky would like to thank the K11 Kunsthalle Guangzhou for the invitation and especially the Curator Wang Dong and the members of his team Heki, Yo Wang, Gaga, Cheris and Da ma da, for the support and all the hard work to make this wonderful exhibition come to life.

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