Birthday Suit in the Snow


The Klibansky family and Hotel Montana are proud to collaborate in gracing the beautiful Arlberg mountains  with the presence of the bronze sculpture titled "Birthday Suit" by world renowned contemporary artist Joseph Klibansky. The artwork was spectacularty placed there by helicopter on Wednedsay 8th of Febuary and stands proudly in from the of the hotel untill the end of the skiing season.

Birthday Suit


A highly polished, gold-looking, bronze sculpture of an orangutan standing upright, this 5-meter tall artwork, holding a bunch of roses and wearing a party hat, is a commentary on the complexities of modern society and the human condition. The orangutan's nudity, including its small male genitals, emphasize the raw and vulnerable state of being, while adding a humoristic twist to the artwork. The golden sheen of the sculpture's surface, while striking, should not distract the viewer from the deeper meaning beneath. The orangutan's slightly bulging belly and bored expression capture the excess and apathy that often accompany celebrations and festivities.

The reflective surface invites the viewer to see themselves in the artwork, encouraging them to peel back the layers and reflect on their own relationship to these themes. The juxtaposition of the orangutan's wild, natural state with the party hat and whiste emphasizes the absurdity of societal expectations and norms. Ultimately, this sculpture challenges us to consider the emptiness of superficial pleasures and the yearning for genuine connection and fulfillment.

It is possible that the artist chose to include the nudity as a way to deconstruct societal norms and expectations surrounding masculinity. By presenting a realistic representation of the orangutan, the artist may be commenting on the pressure to conform to certain ideals and the emotional toll it can take.

This sculpture is particularly impactful in its location in front of a hotel and terrace on a ski slope mountain, where people come to enjoy themselves and let loose. The orangutan's stance and expression serve as a poignant reminder of the emptiness that can accompany superficial pleasures, even in the midst of celebration and revelry.

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